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Dr Kathy says:

The Explosion in Alpha-Gal

dr kathy speaks Feb 13, 2023

“Every time I take my morning medications, I crash for 6 hours.”  As...

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Busy Week

dr kathy speaks Apr 16, 2018

Image may contain: 3 people

It has been a long and amazing week. After DC (Wednesday), I hopped a short flight to...
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Elevate Pharmacy Virtual Summit

dr kathy speaks Mar 21, 2018

So glad to be a part of THIS event!

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TEDx Time

dr kathy speaks Mar 16, 2018

What a crazy ride!! I am the first speaker today at 1pm. So excited.

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TEDx Approaching

dr kathy speaks Mar 09, 2018

So excited! It has been quite a journey.

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