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Whether you are an individual looking for a health related solution, a pharmacist wishing to implement my program or getting certified in your pharmacy, or just someone looking to advance their knowledge, you've come to the right place!  Feel free to browse our different sections to learn about my products and how they can benefit you and your life.  

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Hormone Balance 101

Hormone Balance 101 is a comprehensive look into the different aspects of chemical interactions in the human body, and how it impacts your heath.

14 videos spanning over 100 minutes will take you through the simple explanations and potential recommendations that you can use to improve your health and your life. 

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Hormone Balance Live

Dr Kathy gives her Hormone Balance Seminar live each month in Owasso, Oklahoma, a suburb of Tulsa.  If you'd like to come meet her and participate in this live seminar, you may sign up here for the next event.  You can reserve a discounted seat below, or obtain entry at the door.  One live event ticket is free with purchase of the online course.  Click for more information.

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Are you on EMPTY?

Dr Kathy will explore many facets of healthcare in this free video series.


Obesity: The Modern Famine

We're living through a modern-day famine, but it may not look like what you'd expect. After all— it's the most obese among us who are the most malnourished. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

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Dr Kathy Health Programs

Dr Kathy Weight Loss

Dr Kathy's desire to live a great life, and impact the lives of others to have that great life has allowed her to create her nationally recognized weightloss program.  Learn more about this program to find out what you can do to effectively impact the quality of your life, as well as the lives of your loved ones.  

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Ulta Lab Tests

Need Lab Work

  • Get discounted labs without physician involvement!
  • Get only the tests you want!
  • Save money!

Dr Kathy Health has partnered with Ulta Lab Tests to offer you this convenient method of obtaining labwork at discounted prices.

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If you are looking for quality health supplements, look no further! Dr. Kathy has released her own line of Dr. Kathy Health supplements that are available for purchase! Just use the link below to shop.

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