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Hope for Diabetes Remission

DiRECT, a recent diabetes trial, found that it’s possible for some people to achieve remission and get off their meds. In the trial of 300 overweight participants with type-2 diabetes, one-half were told to follow usual treatment (control group). The other half went off their diabetes meds and into a 3- part weight-loss program. The first part was a diet of shakes and soups consisting of 825 calories per day for 12-20 weeks. Part Two
was a gradual return to normal foods for 6-8 weeks. Part Three was counseling to keep the weight off. After 2 years, 64% of those losing at least 22 lbs. were in remission and off meds, as were 29% of those losing 11-21 lbs. For more information, ask your doctor about DiRECT.

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