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Approaching middle age and need more energy & vitality so you can continue to serve others?

Meet Dr. Kathy Campbell, your Partner in Health.

Whether you are an individual looking for a health related solution, a pharmacist wishing to implement my program or getting certified in your pharmacy, or just someone looking to advance their knowledge, you've come to the right place!

Feel free to browse our different sections to learn about my products and how they can benefit you and your life. And don't forget to watch my Tedx Talk!

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Dr. Kathy Consultations

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From a quick 10 minute chat to an hour of in depth counseling, she is available here.

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It feels SO good!

"I started the cleanse and within days, my blood sugar readings were lower than I had ever seen them. Close to normal! I also lowered my cholesterol... it hasn’t been below 200 in over 10 years. I am so grateful to no longer have to worry about harming my body. I truly didn’t believe it was possible. I am becoming the person that I have envied for most of my life and it feels so good! Thank you Dr. Kathy!”

Gayellen Johnson, Broken Arrow

Obesity: The Modern Famine

A TedX Talk by Dr. Kathy

We're living through a modern-day famine, but it may not look like what you'd expect. After all— it's the most obese among us who are the most malnourished. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

Partners in Health

Producing optimal health & financial outcomes for our patients

For Individuals

Looking for a health-related solution?

With Dr. Kathy as your personal
Partner in Health, you will:

 collaborate on developing strategies to rely less on medications

 achieve optimal health & financial outcomes

create a culture of health for your family

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For Pharmacists

Looking to provide the highest level of care?

Through implementing Dr. Kathy's Partners in Health Program, you will:

 develop a clinical understanding of disease prevention

achieve clinical competence & confidence

produce optimal patient health & financial outcomes

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Feel Great!...

“My wife notices more than me…I was amazed at how easy it was. I’ve seen big changes in my energy level and my wife says my attitude is better.”

Joe Wakley, Owasso

Dr. Kathy Health Supplements

Jumpstart your journey back to health

No Fusses. No Gimmicks. No Fads.

Support your foundational health with practitioner-grade supplements that have you covered from a-z.

Bridge the Gaps in Your Diet

Superior Ingredient Standards

Support Your Foundational Health

Provides Essential Nourishment

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Weight Loss

Immune Support




Dr. Kathy Nourish

Premium Salts & Seasonings

Kick-Start Your Metabolism...

And eat less with our healthy salts & seasoning options:

✔ Gluten & MSG Free

✔ Non GMO

✔ No Preservatives

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Look Great!...

“The biggest thing was education, explaining to me the ramifications of my lifestyle and what I was eating. I had never heard of any of that stuff before. I stand up straighter. I’ve had to buy 2 new sets of pants. I feel better about myself. It’s like a little boost to my self image.”

John Bethel, Tulsa

Health Seminars

Empowering You to Take Charge of Your Health

Hormone Balance Seminar


Understanding the drivers of overall wellness.

We will be discussing ways to create health in your life through:

✔ Hormones: The building blocks of health
✔  Food: Eating for hormone balance
✔  Activity: Living for hormone balance

Seating is limited. Cost is $49 to attend.

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Facets of Healthcare


Dr Kathy will explore many facets of healthcare in this free video series.

✔  Reasons why you're 'on empty'
✔  Simple techniques to 'refill your tank'
✔  Strategies for maintaining your energy reserves

Video On-Demand. Free registration.

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Other Health Programs

Dr Kathy Weight Loss

Dr Kathy's desire to live a great life, and impact the lives of others to have that great life has allowed her to create her nationally recognized weightloss program. 

 Learn more about this program
  Effectively impact the quality of your life
  And the lives of your loved ones.

Click the button to view a short intro video.

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Ulta Lab Tests

Need Lab Work?

 Get discounted labs without physician involvement!
  Get only the tests you want!
  Save money without sacrificing quality.

Dr Kathy Health has partnered with Ulta Lab Tests to offer you this convenient method of obtaining labwork at discounted prices.

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