Partners in Health

"WE are going to help our patients to not 'need' medications and they are going to pay us to do that."      -- DrKathy

In this program we will:

  • EDUCATE the pharmacist as to the clinical understanding of disease prevention achieving clinical competence and confidence.
  • IMPLEMENT pharmacist-led clinical services producing optimal patient health and financial outcomes.
  • BRAND the pharmacist as your patient’s trusted and critical “Partner in Health”
  • VALUE and MARKET the pharmacists unique clinical skill as the “chemistry expert” to assist patients in navigating their unique health journey.


To qualify for participation, you must:

  • Be a licensed pharmacist or health practitioner affiliated with a community pharmacy.
  • Have completed “Creating Health - Pharmacist-led Lifestyle and Weight Management” course
  • Committed to providing preventative health and wellness to patients/community
  • Demand and provide collaboration
  • Be open to the expanded application of traditional pharmacy training
  • Be willing to apply value to and market your expertise in the marketplace
  • Be willing to create a culture of health for the next generations

We will achieve this through:

  • Clinical Education

Zoom meeting focus on clinical understanding and application every second Tuesday evening of month

  • Implementation Education

Zoom meeting focused on program implementation every fourth Tuesday evening of the month

  • Private Facebook Group
  • Exclusive opportunities for cobranding of existing DrKathy Health products
  • One hour Strategy Call with DrKathy (with a 6 month commitment)
  • Quarterly Strategy Calls with DrKathy (with a 12 month commitment)
Kathy M. Campbell, PharmD


Clinical Community Pharmacist

Patient & Pharmacy Advocate



"Partners in Health"

Monthly Commitment


3 Month Minimum


Six Month Commitment


Save $100!


Annual Commitment


Save $300!