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Hormone Seminar 101

Dr Kathy takes you from introduction through the many aspects hormone balance in human beings.  You will learn the cause and effect of what you ingest in your body, and how you can impact your health for the better by following some simple guidelines.  While structured for the average consumer, professionals too can benefit from this information. 

Subjects covered in this 14-part series range from female reproductive responses, the role of the thyroid, how our culture influences our health, sugar and its consequences, foods and their effect, the importance of laboratory work to pinpoint areas of concern, and  a great deal of basic knowledge culled from her years of expertise in this area.

Total running time is approximately 100 minutes.  If you would like to see Dr Kathy in person, the purchase of this module also includes a free ticket to her live seminar held in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.  Check elsewhere on this site for the next date and time, and how to attend!

Hormone Balance Seminar

Watch and learn from Dr Kathy as she explains the ins and outs of basic hormone balance, and how it applies to you. 

$129.00 USD


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