Lifestyle Mentoring Group

Thank you for your interest in the Pharmacist-Led Lifestyle Mentoring Program.  This represents an exciting new journey in my 33 year career as a patient and pharmacy advocate.  I love science, but particularly love the applied science that positively impacts lives. I am extremely excited to bring this group together.


During the last decade, my practice has been centered around understanding and APPLYING foundational health strategies while at the same time creating sustainable business solutions as an independent pharmacy owner. This mentorship program will be a unique opportunity to share these foundational strategies and continue to build pharmacy as the patient’s source for health with in your community.


What is Foundational Health?

                “Doctors tell us to do these things, but no one actually helps us do it.”   --DrKathy Patient

Foundational health represent those strategies- nutrition, movement, sleep, sunlight, hydration, etc. that regulate our physiologic function. We live in a culture that makes it difficult to be healthy.  Even if we “know” what to do, doing it is a very different story.  Even medications are often only approved and deemed effective as “…an adjunct to diet and exercise.” For health and optimal outcomes to be present, it is important that we get these foundational strategies right.


Pharmacists as Foundational Health Experts

There are enormous opportunities in assisting our patients and communities in being well and in the prevention of disease.  The current model of health care subsidizes disease with little investment or thought to prevention. Patients and employers are looking for solutions.  Pharmacist are exquisitely trained and positioned to disrupt this chaos and bring health to our communities through foundational health strategies.


Mentoring Program Details

The mentoring group (<15) will be made up of engaged pharmacy professionals, each asked to contribute their unique perspective, energies and problem solving skills.  The group meets via Zoom or telephone for 120 minutes every Thursday for 12 weeks, from February 6 thru April 21 at 4pm EST/3pm CST/2pm MST/1pm Pacific. Access to recordings will be made available should you miss one or want to review content. In addition, I will meet with you for a 60 minute one-on-one private consultation on the topic of your choice.


The focus of the meetings will reflect the interests and desires of the group, with the primary aim being to increase clinical confidence and implementation of lifestyle strategies into your pharmacy practice.  We will be utilizing the Creating Health-Pharmacist-Led Lifestyle and Weight Management Course ( as the foundational clinical content. The Creating Health Course has been approved for 6.5hrs of CE.


Topics to be explored within the group include:

  • Case Histories/Working with people with complex health issues
  • “…as an adjunct to diet and exercise” Pharmacist led nutrition
  • Drug-Induced chaos…nutrient deficiencies, weight gain, polypharmacy
  • Mitochondrial disfunction/Cell Danger Response
  • Movement vs Exercise
  • Dispensing Health-Food in the Pharmacy
  • Selling and Marketing Health
  • Love Heals-Understanding the role of Trauma and Empathy in health
  • Appointment-Based Pharmacy
  • Creating Value for Patients and Employers


The total program cost is $2400, plus the tuition for Creating Health if you have not already purchased. Once you are accepted into the program, you can pay in full or in 4 installments.  Billing will be through Square. No refunds will be given after the course begins.


In order to apply, please send an email to [email protected] listing your credentials (bio, resume, or CV), practice site information (what you do and who you serve) and reason for interest.  Please include contact information, previous lifestyle education, current challenges, and personal/professional goals for participation. If accepted, you will be contacted for next steps.


Again, I thank you for your interest and for all that you do in our profession and world.